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Out Now: OK – Otto Koenigsberger. Architecture and Urban Visions in India

OUT NOW! OK – Otto Koenigsberger: Architecture and Urban Visions in INDIA Editors: Tile von Damm, Anne-Katrin Fenk & Rachel Lee © 2015 TAG Press, Liverpool / MOD Institute, Bengaluru/Berlin Paperback, 115 pages, 59 images Cat.No. MOD 001 ISBN: 978-1-910911-05-1 We are very pleased to announce the release of the book “OK – ...

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Book Launch: OK INDIA – Otto Koenigsberger

Book Launch: OK INDIA - Otto Koenigsberger: Architecture and Urban Visions in India Edited By Tile von Damm, Anne-Katrin Fenk & Rachel Lee, MOD Institute. MOD Institute, in cooperation with the Consulate General of the Federal Republic of Germany Bengaluru, is delighted to invite you to the launch of the book on Otto ...

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OUT NOW: People’s Vision on Future Shanthinagar

OUT NOW PEOPLE'S VISION ON FUTURE SHANTHINAGAR Reflecting on a collective three months process of addressing urban questions in on one of the loveliest neighbourhoods in Bengaluru; this book is both a map and a collection of ideas, visions and reports. Everything you see in this publication reflects upon what has happened so far in the ...


MOD Institute’s Co-founder at TEDxBangalore

This talk was given at a local TEDx event, produced independently of the TED Conferences. MOD co-founder Naresh Narasimhan's hilarious talk actually brought to the forefront, a massive problem that we are facing as a city today - what he calls urban amnesia. Pictures of a bygone Bangalore showed people the reality of progress and made the ...


New Article @ dérive No 56

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information? This famous quote by T.S. Elliot is used as title for the latest article by Anne-Katrin Fenk critically reflecting smart city approaches in India. The article is released in the current issue of dérive (#56) with the main focus on smart cities.

WELTSTADT Exhibition Berlin4

Weltstadt Exhibition in Berlin

Who creates the city? Who shapes its future? City planning as a highly specialized, centrally organized field is being enhanced, infiltrated or in part superseded by a new and often informal constellation of actors. Weltstadt aims to provide these activists and initiatives with an international platform to support their mutual exchange. ...


Out Now: The Bangalore Weltstadt Newspaper

The Nextbangalore Weltstadt Newspaper is out now! Read the results of the Nextbangalore process so far, follow us through one of the fascinating cities in the world and discuss the future of Bangalore! In September 2013, as part of the Weltstadt project, the first Nextbangalore Space opened. Centrally located in Shanti Nagar, a typical ...

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New Article NextBangalore

What is a city? What is the Indian city? When we talk about a city we not only have to talk about the people but also include their perceptions, their ideas and their wishes. If we want to design a city we have to include the people to identify common visions. Who builds tomorrow’s Bangalore? Launched and curated in February 2013 by the ...



NextBangalore:Space - a temporary interactive and participatory urban laboratory September 20 – October 03/2013 Welcome to Bangalore. Welcome to NextBangalore and be part of crowdsourcing the city! On basis of the crowdsourcing platform NEXTBANGALORE, NextBangalore:Space will provide a temporary urban studio, a public meeting room, ...



NEXTBANGALORE:SPACE is one out of 15 worldwide urban projects under the roof of the programme "Weltstadt - Stadtwelten" by the Goethe Institute and the German Ministry of Urban Development (BMVBS). In cooperation with the Goethe Institutes/Max Mueller Bhavan in Bangalore, Chennai and Delhi and Nexthamburg, MOD Institute is curating and ...

About MOD

We work independently and in collaboration with an extended network of individuals and organisations to visualise urban processes and challenges so as to inform participation and intervention.

Out Now!

OK India

OK - Otto Koenigsberger: Architecture and Urban Visions in INDIA (MOD 001).

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