Bangalore as a Creative City

Naresh Narasimhan and Tile Von Damm recently participated in an Open Consultation on ‘Bangalore as a Creative City’ to discuss policy recommendations involving urban arts and culture spaces, on Thursday 29th September, 2011.

The consultation was organised by the Centre for the Study of Culture and Society (CSCS), Bangalore in collaboration with the National Gallery of Modern Art (NGMA), Bangalore, the Ministry of Culture, Government of India and Swissnex India.

Naresh made a presentation at the event on the topic ‘Cultural Spaces as Developing Local Economy.’ Below is an excerpt from the news report of the session by The Hindu:

“What is a non-cultural space?” Naresh Narasimhan, architect from a leading Bangalore-based firm asked “What is a Non-Cultural Space” in his presentation. With a stunning visual of the City Market’s flower market, he brought up worlds that we have forgotten. “This place pulsates with culture. Everyday, the smells and sights change, as do the colours. It is the most dramatic cultural space,” he observed.

Bangalore was made up of several villages, each with its own festivals and jaatres. Every village had a water body, and its public space was a temple. The city phenomenon steam rolled all the villages along with its cultural practises, thereby erasing all sites of creativity. “If BBMP swallowed 300 villages, BMRDA swallowed 1000,” and now you find the city filled with dissonant images of a humungous flyover under which you find a dilapidated temple. “All we now care for is how to make our cars go faster,” argued Naresh.

Bangalore’s vibrant character and lush landscape has made way for a monolithic understanding of cultural spaces. “Hence, when we now celebrate manufactured green sites within new, massive structures, we forget that it used to be someone’s way of life,” said Naresh.


Here is a copy of the presentation on ‘Cultural Spaces as Developing Local Economy.’ The presentation can also be accessed at Sildeshare.


For further information, including downloadable version of the document, please contact us at mail[at]mod[dot]org[dot]in.

Naresh Narasimhan and Tile Von Damm are Co-Founders of MOD. Find more about them in the MOD team page.

K.R. Market image courtesy of Santanu Majumdar.

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