Bangalore Security Map in News

Bangalore Security Map in News

Bangalore Security Map, a crowd-sourcing portal for archiving information on perceptions of urban insecurities in Bangalore, was launched last month. The portal grew out of our work on urban security issues, and was built in collaboration with CSTEP.

The work was featured recently in one of the biggest national newspaper (The Hindu) as well as city-based daily (Bangalore Mirror).

Below are the excerpts from the news stories:

“[T]he Bangalore security map was launched this week. It seeks to understand how citizens perceive security in the city by asking questions about their insecurities and pins responses on a map. This joint project of the Centre for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP) and MOD, an international collective of architects, designers, researchers, curators and practitioners based in Bangalore and Berlin, has 18 reports now.”

Source: The Hindu

“In March this year, MOD had organised a workshop to explore various facets of security in an urban context. Jayanth R, research engineer, CSTEP, said the workshop was aimed at going beyond conventional notions on security…  Citizens have already begun reporting on incidents with more than 20 incidents, ranging from muggings to unruly behaviour and eve teasing, being recorded in the span of a month.”

Source: Bangalore Mirror

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