Bangalore Security Map

During the Urban Security Workshop, held in Bangalore in March 2011, we discussed various nuances of the sense of security in an urban context. For details about the workshop, see this page and the workshop brief.

In the workshop, we tried real-time documentation of locations of urban insecurities and securities; and thus emerged the ‘Bangalore Security Map’. It is a map of all the places in the city, where we feel ‘insecure’. We consciously kept the definition of ‘insecurity’ open, so that the map can truly reflect the public emotions and not a government-sanctioned idea of security.

While the map produced during the workshop was quite limited due to its dependence on the experience of the people in the workshop, we wanted to take it forward following a crowd-sourcing model. We are grateful to CSTEP for spearheading the development of the crowd-sourced mapping portal and for a very warm collaborative experience.

Please visit the ‘Bangalore Security Map’ at and express your ideas and experiences of insecurity in Bangalore. You can follow the twitter feed of submissions at @scurtymap_bnglr.

We want to know where in the city you feel insecure and why so. Further, if you feel insecure at a certain part of the city (at a certain time perhaps), please share with us what could have make you feel otherwise.

We are hopeful that a map such as this will create various new discussions about the city, will lead to many different conceptualisation about making the city more livable.


The portal is jointly developed by CSTEP and MOD, using the Ushahidi platform (‘Luanda’).

The top image is courtesy of Anja Gollor and Mirko Merkel. They were in Bangalore for their project on visual landscape of the city, and participated in the Urban Security Workshop. Details of their project can be found here.

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