Baukulturwerkstatt: Weltstadt / Stadtwelten


The project “Weltstadt / Stadtwelten” run by the German Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development in cooperation with the Goethe Institut aims to identify and support local actors and cultures in differnt cities around the world.

MOD Institute will present the project NEXTBANGALORE:SPACES at the Baukulturwerkstatt in Berlin on 29 April 2013. Among various other worldwide projects, NEXTBANGALORE:SPACES will start in September 2013 in Bangalore. Cooperation partners are Nexthamburg and Goethe Institut/Max Mueller Bhavan Bangalore.

More informations regarding the project coming soon.

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We work independently and in collaboration with an extended network of individuals and organisations to visualise urban processes and challenges so as to inform participation and intervention.

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OK - Otto Koenigsberger: Architecture and Urban Visions in INDIA (MOD 001).

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