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06 March, 2015, 18.00h @ Nextbengaluru Gatishil Space in Rhenius Street, Shanthinagar
Free entrance – and get a free copy of the book!

We cordinally invite you all to celebrate with us the release of the book “People’s Vision on Future Shanthinagar”.

Reflecting on a collective three months process of addressing urban questions in on one of the loveliest neighbourhoods in Bengaluru; this book is both a map and a collection of ideas, visions and reports. Everything you see in this publication reflects upon what has happened so far in the area, and looks to dwell on ideas that will further improve the situation in Shantinagar.

The foundation of all content in this book is based on the wishes, ideas and visions of the local citizens. What’s a city for, if not for its the people? Hence, we believe that accessibility and participation are two quintessential elements to work on towards achieving an inclusive city. In addition, responsibility – or simply taking care – is most critical.

As Nextbengaluru is designed as an open collaborative crowdsourcing platform, it first gives room to share and discuss ideas, visions, and projects. But today not everyone has access to social media tools; hence our physical space – Nextbengaluru Gatishil – was both welcomed and celebrated at Shanthinagar. We were extremely overwhelmed with all the feedback we received from the locals.

The space was host to various events and room for countless discussions and workshops. The fact that it attracted people from various backgrounds, ages and walks of life was one of the most promising aspects of Nextbengaluru.

All content in this book is a result of a three month process and has only been possible because of the help of the people involved in various discussions; people who were willing to come forward with ideas, aspiration and improvements and people who helped us in editing the book and the map.

We would cordially like to thank everyone who was involved in Nextbengaluru – and a big thank you to the neighbourhood and its people. Nextbengaluru is of course not ending – it is up to you to improve the city further, towards an inclusive and sustainable urban life.

Our aim was perhaps summarized best by this feedback from a local:

“….to make Bengaluru a better place”

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The book will be released on March 06 along with a downloadable version. Further download Nextbangalore Newspaper.

Nextbengaluru Gatishil is supported by the Bosch Foundation.

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