Conference: Rückspiel Weltstadt


Weltstadt Conference
Saturday, 3.5.2014 | 10:00h to 17:00h
Location: DAZ (German Architecture Center), Köpenicker Straße 48/49, 10179 Berlin

Who creates the city? Who shapes its future? City planning as a highly specialized, centrally organized field is being enhanced, infiltrated or in part superseded by a new and often informal constellation of actors. Weltstadt aims to provide these activists and initiatives with an international platform to support their mutual exchange.

Nextbangalore is part of the Weltstadt project. The results will be presented at the exhibition. Also V. ‘Naresh’ Narasimhan (MOD Institute Bangalore) is invited speaker for the conference. The Weltstadt conference aims at comparing a spectrum of local solutions to global urban problems. Which elements worked well in one specific context? Can such elements and initiatives be replicated elsewhere? What concepts for a new civil society are emerging in Riga, New York or Ulan Bator? What potentials do performative urban tactics have, whether in Belgrad or Dakar? Will the new middle class in Brazil, Seoul or Bangalore get involved to create a better city? Where do productive interfaces lie between informal and formal, between self-organization and public administration? The Weltstadt conference offers a common ground for discussion in the context of highlighting the local character and intricacies of city making.

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