Guest Lecture: Big Data – Small Pictures


We cordially invite you to the guest lecture by Onlab on “Big Data – Small Pictures” as part of the MOD/TU Berlin seminar on “collaborative cities”. The lecture is on 22 January 2014, 19h-21h, Room A060 at TU-Berlin.

The financial crisis and its global impact have caused a deep crisis of confidence around the world. Knowledge transfer and information processing are facing an enormous change. Complex issues need to be made accessible
what seems only be possible through visualization. Thanks to Edward Snowden, we now know that Big Data can also be a threat to democracy and the sovereignity of states as well as to individual freedom. Our task is to study with this multi-faceted information and its transformation. But how do we deal with the complex content and what are the criteria for an accessable infographics?

Nicolas Bourquin is the creative director of home based from him design studio Onlab. The Agency develops editorial design, corporate identities, and provides information design, exhibition design and communication consultancy.

The lecture is a collaboration between the department for urbanism and urbanization, Prof. Jorg Stollman, the department for Urbanism and sustainable urban development, Prof. Raoul Bunschoten, and MOD Institute.

The lecture is organized by Anne-Katrin Fenk.

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