‘in formation’: Studying Mass Housing

‘in formation’: Studying Mass Housing in Bangalore

Clara Berger and Aline Löw from the Urban Design Program of TU Berlin are working on a research project named “in formation — A study about resident-guided interventions in mass housing settlements in Bangalore”.

To understand habitat dynamics, Clara and Aline are providing center stage to the residents and considering their interactions with the planned environment in the course of everyday life. These can be small built interventions or community organisations, which contribute to the standard of living. They are looking at how mass housing settlements are turning into livable urban neighbourhoods over time. They are also exploring planned neighbourhoods of the 1920s and 1970s in Bangalore/Bengaluru.

The initial point of this research project was the ongoing housing debate, more precisely the lack of affordable housing in India. By capturing neighbourhoods in formation, they will document potentials, demands and adaptation patterns and present this information in various booklets.

mod institute hosted them in Bangalore and is supporting their research.

Clara Berger and Aline Löw are currently working on this research project for their master thesis in the Urban Design program of the Technical University of Berlin.

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