MOD Team

Anne-Katrin Fenk

Architect and Urban Designer. Co-founder of MOD Institute. Highly experienced in international research projects on urban design and urban development, especially in Asia. Since 2005 Assistant Professor at the Technical University Berlin. Managed several international research and open space platforms on urban development. Curated several exhibitions on India’s urban landscapes. She is writing her PhD thesis on modernist movement between 1950s and 1960s in India. Since 2000 she regularly worked and conducted studies in India.

V. Naresh Narasimhan

Naresh V Narasimhan is a practitioner and leader with over 3 decades of experience in architecture and urban design. He is best known for his association with Venkataramanan Associates – an award winning architecture firm that saw a meteoric rise under his leadership. As an urbanist, activist and creative entrepreneur, his contribution to urban development has been far‐reaching. As co‐founder of MOD, founder & trustee of Imagine Bangalore and founder of Cobalt (a new-age work and meeting space that facilitates serendipitous encounters), Naresh has fuelled a variety of progressive causes in the city.
Naresh studied architecture at Manipal Institute of Technology followed by a management program at Harvard Institute for International Development. He maintains a healthy eclectic work‐style and regularly advises government bodies on infrastructure development. His interests range from socio‐economic modeling, knowledge‐sharing and communication strategies to cinema, art and popular culture. Naresh is also a prolific speaker and writer who has been published widely.

Tile von Damm

Political Scientist. Co-founder of MOD. Highly experienced in project management, especially in field of research and research transfer. He was responsible for the overall strategy of the Humboldt-University Berlin (2005-2008) and of the Centre for Literature- and Cultural Studies (2008-2010). Co-founded and constitute the application-oriented think tank PerGlobal in 2002. He was official NGO-member of the UN-conferences on Sustainable Development and the Information Society. Besides, 1996-1998 he worked for Sony Music Entertainment in the fields of marketing, promotion and distribution. His research fields cover city development, sustainable development, social media, privacy, decentralized systems and global governance.

Vidhya Mohankumar

Architect and urban designer. With over a decade of work experience in India, Ireland and the United States and a focus on the creation of livable, sustainable and inclusive cities, her urban design projects include master plans for cities, towns, station areas, harbour areas and their environs, redevelopment plans for town centres, city public spaces and brownfield sites. She has also worked on several strategic planning projects, regional plans, local area plans and urban design studies for existing developments. For the last six years, she has advocated sustainable cities at various universities in the role of guest faculty. In October 2011, Vidhya founded Urban Design Collective (UDC), a non-profit organization that works as a collaborative platform for architects, urban designers and planners to promote livable and sustainable cities through community engagement. She received a masters degree in urban design with distinction from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, USA and a baccalaureate degree in architecture from the National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirapalli, India.
Vidhya holds the position of Head- Strategy, Design and Management at MOD Institute in Bangalore.

Srajana Kaikini

Curator, researcher and writer. Srajana Kaikini is a writer, curator, and researcher. After graduating in Architecture from R.V. School of Architecture, Bangalore, she completed her Masters in Arts and Aesthetics from JNU, New Delhi. She was at de Appel’s Curatorial Programme 2012/13 in Amsterdam where she co-curated with her colleagues the exhibition Bourgeois Leftovers. Kaikini is the recipient of the FICA Research Fellowship 2013 and her previous curatorial and artistic projects include Ecologies of excess for KHOJ, Adventures of a Narcoleptic Flaneur ,2011, and Familiar Strangers,2012 among many other projects. Her poems and texts have been published in journals such as,, Coldnoon Travel Poetics, Art Barricade, JCRT. She is presently curatorial consultant at Mod Foundation with a focus on addressing the aesthetic and artistic voices in the urban narrative of the city.

Asha N M

Research Associate. Asha N M studied architecture at the R V College of Architecture (RVCA), Bangalore. She has worked at the late Laurie Baker’s firm in Trivandrum and at Venkataramanan Associates in Bangalore. Her bachelor’s degree thesis focused on the urban memories and landscapes of a gardener community (Tigalas) of Bangalore. It investigated alternate models of the city based on the Tigalas landscaping efforts and settlement patterns. Another prominent project was on K R Market and the reading of the various behavior patterns and social systems a built form can express. Asha’s work is marked by a heavier proportion of concept and analysis preceding the final design solution. Her roles as editors of her school magazine as well as RVCA’s first school journal evince her interest in the mode of writing as a critical thinking tool. As a researcher and writer, her interests lie in new media art and the roles of the information architect, curator and writer.

Mahua Bisht

Research Associate. Mahua Bisht is a researcher and writer at MOD Institute. She is a graduate of Reed College with a liberal arts degree in History (2011) where her undergraduate thesis focused on minority rights and caste in post-independence India. Since then, she’s worked as research assistant at the Centre for Public History at Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology, and as a copywriting intern at Ogilvy and Mather in Bangalore. She’s trained in oral history and archival methodologies, and has experience in qualitative research, grant writing, and content development. Outside of her interest in Bangalore as a long-time resident, she’s also interested in urban planning, social policy and community narratives. At MOD Institute, she is involved in programming the City Lab space in addition to documenting and archiving urban narratives for exhibit and research purposes.

Anandit Sachdev

Research Associate. Anandit studied architecture at the Faculty of Architecture and Ekistics, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi. He was then awarded a yearlong fellowship by the Charles Correa Foundation, Goa. During his term, he worked on multiple projects including Documentation of Waste Management (Panaji), Car-pooling Strategy (Goa), GIS Systems (Panaji), Road Map for Efficient Mobility (Goa) and City Map (Panaji). As an architect with a strong sense of graphics and visual communications, Anandit is trying to bridge the gap between past and the contemporary cultures by communicating ideas through various online publications.

Rachel Lee

Architect and urban researcher. Rachel studied architecture at the Mackintosh School in Glasgow and the Berlin School of Art. She is currently writing her PhD thesis “Otto Koenigsberger: Bringing Modernism to India” at the Habitat Unit, TU Berlin. As well as working with German architecture firms, she has curated exhibitions on urban/art issues and created sustainable urban development projects with id22: experimentcity. She has received two INTACH research grants for architectural research in India and is a German management committee member of the “European Architecture Beyond Europe,” an European COST Action ISO904 project.

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We work independently and in collaboration with an extended network of individuals and organisations to visualise urban processes and challenges so as to inform participation and intervention.

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