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What is a city? What is the Indian city? When we talk about a city we not only have to talk about the people but also include their perceptions, their ideas and their wishes. If we want to design a city we have to include the people to identify common visions.

Who builds tomorrow’s Bangalore? Launched and curated in February 2013 by the Indo-German Research Institute MOD and Participation-NGO Nexthamburg, NEXTBANGALORE is one of the first urban participation platforms in India. It brings the idea of crowdsourcing in the urban development process by both initiating a participatory platform, and starting an active creative process, which includes the questions and ideas of the residents and enables interactive discussions. This creates an open and visible knowledge platform, and also works as a catalyst for existing urban planning…

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We work independently and in collaboration with an extended network of individuals and organisations to visualise urban processes and challenges so as to inform participation and intervention.

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OK - Otto Koenigsberger: Architecture and Urban Visions in INDIA (MOD 001).

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