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Out Now: Klaus Dömer, Hans Drexler, Joachim Schultz-Granberg (ed.): “Affordable Living – Housing for Everyone”, Jovis.

The affordable housing issue is seen as an economic and as a political problem, leading to widespread discussion of economic policy measures to relieve it, such as funding for social housing, fixed rents,
and financing and amortization models. The book, however, is concerned with discovering the solutions offered by architects and urban planners. It investigates not only buildings and their construction but also urban planning factors such as density, land use, and infrastructure.

The book is the result of an initiative that began in 2011 at the Münster School of Architecture (MSA) on the issue of affordable housing and contains the results of various international workshops and conferences.

The book includes the article “(Not) Affordable Housing” by Anne-Katrin Fenk of MOD Institute that critically reflects the current situation in India.

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