“Imagine if you had the power to change one place in Bangalore, what place would you choose?”


Critical Talk and Urban Participation and Didactics Workshop at the Indo-German Jamboree and Post-Oil City Exhibition in Bangalore

The critical urban talk series and the urban participation workshop are organised around a survey and practical design of urban development in India and Bangalore. In particular they will question the existing status quo of urban planning and critically address various issues related to urban transformation and future strategies in Bangalore and India in applied and innovative ways.

The critical urban talk NEXTBANGALORE challenges the question of future city development in Bangalore and India. The enormous growth of cities, the increase in the variety of stakeholders and interest groups and the complexity of land use pattern and economic pressure are challenging the municipalities, planners and citizens like never before. Furthermore, the internationalization of building processes and questions of sustainable development and social welfare need to be solved. Taking this complexity in to account, the guiding questions are:

+ What’s the city of tomorrow?
+ Who will build the city of tomorrow?
+ How can citizens be involved in an urban development process? + What tools of participation and intervention are available?

These questions are also crucial in urban development in European cities. Therefore the talk series and workshop are designed as a transfer between Indian and European research and practical tools and will bridge the topics of the post-oil city exhibition.

NEXTBANGALORE will be built around the topics of urban participation and urban didactics. It will present methods and tools of participation and intervention within the urban spheres. It is designed as a practical workshop with initial inputs.

We are happy to announce that we have speakers from India and Germany:
Julian Petrin, NextHamburg
Rahul Srivastava & Matias Echanove, URBZ & Urbanology
Ashwin Mahesh, Map Unity Bangalore
Joachim Schultz Granberg, University of Münster
Rupali Gupte & Rohan Shivkumar, CRIT Mumbai
Anne-Katrin Fenk, MOD Institute
Naresh Narasimham, Venkataramanan Associates / NEXTBANGALORE @ Facebook.

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We work independently and in collaboration with an extended network of individuals and organisations to visualise urban processes and challenges so as to inform participation and intervention.

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